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This double storey 5 bedroom, 4 car garage house plans features:

Ground Floor

4 Garages; Kitchen; Scullery; Dining; Lounge; Living; Staff; Guest Bedroom En-suite; Patio; Atrium; Double Volumes Entrance Hall

First Floor

Pyjama Lounge; 3 bedrooms (All en-suite); Master Bedroom en-suite with walk-in closet; Balconies.

Unique 4 Car Garage House Plan Design

If you must build a home, build one that’ll be a cherished fortress for your family and has a dream design that can stand the test of time. If you haven’t found a house plan yet, then you should hurry and grab this double storey 5-bedroom, 4 car garage house plans because it has everything you need. This luxury family house design has been created especially for people like you who either have a large family or looking to have one someday. This big house plan design offers a ton of space and has a layout that promises loads of fun memories with your loved ones.

Choose this home. Why? Everything about it is configured to give you the ultimate level of comfort. Double story set up, two separate garages, a nice beautiful pool, various outdoor spaces and many more are what you get. Surely you don’t want this one to pass you by.

Luxurious Living in This Four Car Garage House Plan

Large mansions like this delectable double storey house plan with 5 bedrooms are a portrayal of sophisticated lifestyle and exquisite taste. Do you wish to make a statement that will stand the test of time as a testimony to your financial success? There is no doubt that this 4 car garage house plan mansion with 5 ½ baths will help you make this statement and give you all the amenities you will need to live a life in luxury. By simply looking at the exterior design, you can tell that this Bali style house plan is no ordinary home.

An Extraordinary 4 Car Garage House Design

The minute you step into the home, there’s a sense of openness that welcomes you and assures you that you’re in the right place. While the double volume entry porch will wow you, what you’ll see afterwards will keep your jaw dropped for a while. What do you think of a nice big, beautiful atrium right there at the center of your open plan house living space? The left-hand side is where your lounge, dinning, and kitchen are situated.

No gourmet kitchen is complete without a luscious island. In this house design, the island even doubles as a cozy breakfast bar for you and your family to have some snack together as you chit chat. There’s, of course, a scullery with a door leading into one of the two garages. There’s a staff room in this section of the house as well. Our team also thought about the convenience of your visitors, so they added a half bath accessible from the entry hall. To say this house is extremely functional is an understatement.

A Highly Connected House Interior Design

In any house plan, flow is very important. Modern house plan designs are known for having very open layouts because people don’t want to feel chocked in their own homes. In this double storey 4 car garage house plans, every space is connected—lounge, dining, kitchen, garage, main living room, patio, everywhere.

An en-suite guest bedroom falls on the right side of this house design. Our team understand that even your guest need their privacy. This is why they placed the room in an angle of the main floor that is not likely to get a lot of foot traffic, especially since it is shielded by a passage hall. The main living room has also been placed in this section.

It is open, airy, and just like the lounge, it offers access to the heavenly patio via sliding doors. Once again, connection. With this setup, you can move from the lounge to the patio and into the living room. Anyone will feel lucky to own an extraordinary home such as this. The House plan design is currently up for sale and we advise that you take it ASAP.

Grand 5 Bedroom House Plans Family Home

The second floor of this house plan is mainly for the bedrooms. However, our designer wanted to make sure you and your family get a bonding space even when you’re not downstairs, hence the family den. This is the perfect spot for meetings, stories, and family bonding sessions. With the atrium extending all the way up to the second floor, you still get to enjoy that natural open feel. Four bedrooms sit on this floor. Naturally, the master bedroom is the most eye-catching of them all.

While the room itself is huge, the master and mistress also get to enjoy a gigantic walk-in closet as well. Plus, the bathroom is a luxury hub. With the room having access to a balcony, there’s nothing more anyone could possibly ask for in both this room and this double storey 5-bedroom and 4 car garage house plan as a whole. No matter how you look at it, the home will make a very good investment. Purchase the plan today and start building!

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Other Features



Built-In Braai

Built-In Cupboards (BIC)

Entrance Hall

Entrance Porch

Kitchen Island

Linen Cupboards


Pyjama Lounge


Staff Room

Walk-In-Closet (WIC)

4 Car Garage House Plans | 5 Bedroom Floor Plans | Nethouseplans (2024)


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