Forging A Katana From Rusted Chain! (2024)

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These tools went from rusty steel to the craziest stuff, and we react to the insane processes these creators used to craft swords, katanas, and more!


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- You may not believe me, but someone turned these chains into this Katana.

- You're right, I, don't, believe you.

- Or.

This bolt turned into this pair of scissors.

- You're lying.

- And this into this.

- You're a liar.

- And this into this.

- Stop! - So.

You take the chains.

You cut a hole in them.

Then you do the thing.

- You mean, weld it? - Yes, that.


You light it on fire, whack.

It some.

- Whack it.

- Whack it.

Some more.

Once you're done whacking.

You sand, it.

I, totally know what I'm talking about., And I'm, not just saying what he is doing.

- You just go from metal, that's all nasty, looking to beautiful sword.

- It's, literally that easy.

- It's just so simple.

- Just slide.

A handle on.

Everyone has those laying around.

- It's pretty much like he was like, all right, here's, the chain.

All right.

And we made a sword out of it.

- He could've just been beating the chains and then just swapped it out for a sword.

And we never would've known.

- Wow, that's actual like beautiful, craftsmanship., I wish I could make something like this.

I'm, just funny.

That's, not useful.

- Sure.

- I'm, not even funny either? - Now, we're gonna turn old brass trash into a shiny, golden ring., All, right, so, trash.

- How.

Do you know, that's trash? - I don't know., I believe, the guy.

- Oh, he's gonna make like a wedding ring out of it? - Wonder if I gave that to Maddie if she would like it? Did, you make your wife's wedding ring? - No, I found it in a dresser.

I bought a piece of furniture for $15.

And it had a $3,000 ring in it.

I'm, not joking.


How I got Katie's ring.

That is a really cool.


- Which is cooler? The ring or his wicked finger, hair? - It's.

So thick.

- It is.

- Why is it thick? - And he's got a Rolex.

- He's like, "Yeah, I made this ring, whatever.


How about this Rolex?" - I know,? Right?, Like, "Chill, dog.

Did you make that?" - Have you ever watched "How It's, Made"? - Yeah.

These are great.

- I.

Watch it at 3:00 AM while I'm eating shredded cheese.

This is so cool.

I, love, automation., The fact that it's taking jobs.

- I mean.

What jobs is this taking? What, is someone just to get sit there and go..

? - What about the guy who puts sticks in ice cream, before? - Yeah, he's doing something more important.

Now for society.

- Something more fulfilling.

People like to look at automation like, "Oh, no, it's gonna take jobs." Did.

Anybody really wanna do this? - I know, right? - Bust down, Apple, Watch., I, didn't.

Wear mine, today.

- That's fine.

He has one already.

- Oh, he's doing that thing where he's like gold plating it with the liquid.

Look at that., You know how that works? So he gives electric signal- - All right, let's, keep playing.

- Is this.

Something I could just do with my own Apple Watch? - No.

You have a child.

- Oh, crap.


If that was his stipulation.

He's, like, "Make, sure, if you have a child, you do not do this." - So basically.

He died in gold.

- Woody blinked.

I, don't care about the gold.



How do I get Woody blinking on my watch?.

How crescent rolls are made? - Oh, Chris is gonna love this one.

- It's so sad that you know that that's literally my favorite food, is just crescent rolls.

- Whenever.

He got tired of filming.

He'd always be in his car to just eat croissants.

- There's.

Probably just one factory that just makes croissants for- - They just have a monopoly on the croissant.

- Is it crescent or croissant? - Croissant.

These nuts.

- Could I just stand at the end of that machine.

And let 'em go into my mouth? Well, not with the wrapper on, of course.

- I mean.

If you wanna weigh 5,000 pounds.

- Maybe I, do., Maybe, I, wanna turn a rusted bolt- - Into a pin.

All right, he's at a junkyard.


He literally just randomly picked that up with no forethought, that's insane.

- Maybe.

There was post thought.

- Yo, that sounds like a UFO.

- Editor edited a UFO just flying.

- He did.

Now he is putting you looking stupid.

- Don't do that.


So we're, just here now? I call bologna.

Ready to assemble.


Wish I could make stuff like this.


Look at that.

- Play Chris saying that every time he said it in the video at the same time on the screen.

- I wish I could something like this.

- Now play it a 1,000 times.

- I wish can make something like this.

Look at that.


An old gun.

- Oh, is that dynamite? - No.

- He's washing the- - Rust? - Yeah.


Those are electromagnets that get all the rust off.

Now, he's, scrubbing., Look at that.

- Wow.

- That went from very dirty to very beautiful, really quick., It's, crazy.

How metal can just go from looking like red and bumpy to smooth and with like- - It can look like a third degree, sunburn, no sunscreen, two days on the beach to like perfect tan.

- Yeah, look at that.

- Wow, that's actually, really nice.

- He just took something that most people would've just thrown away and made it brand new, essentially., I.

Wanna hear it go.

Kabooyah, ka-chow., I, didn't, get to see it.

- No.

One cares, we're gonna learn how tennis balls are made.

- Isn't there only like one part to a tennis ball?, The, tennis ball? - Why does that look like the same thing that made croissants out of?, Are, tennis balls and croissants made of the same thing? - Look, it's, just shooting out big old, pucks of 'em., Oh, yep.

And then they press 'em.

Look at that.

Oh wait.

This is Krispy Kreme Donghnuts.

- I wanna know where the yellow fluff stuff comes from.

- Yeah.

What is that? Like, is there just some yellow animal they're just shaving all the time? - Where does that fur come from? - Wait, we're about to find out.

Oh see.

We don't get to see the process of it though.

I can only assume this comes from like a tree or an animal.

Look at that.

- Wow.

- Shouldn't.

It be like, wow, when a tennis ball's wrapped? - And then Roger Federer takes it and hits it and makes hundreds of millions of dollars.

- Well, before he does that.

They put it in a giant dryer.

- Dude.

Then they put those in those things.

And when you open 'em, they smell.

Oh, my God.

- Oh God, I, don't, even play tennis, but I go buy tennis balls, just to smell them.

- If.

You've never experienced that.

Your life sucks.

- You're stupid.

- So wait.

Did he find this like Persian sword as like a relic? And now he's, restoring it? - He was playing a video game.

And then he just saw it on the ground.

It was like a level, one sword.


Now he is turning it into a level.

10 sword.

- This looks like the kind of swords.

You get if you're like brand new into the game.


It looks like a really good sword.

But it like only does like 10 attack or something.

- Think.

This is a level.

Five sword., 10, outta, 10, though., Real, life, 10, outta, 10., Video, game, one outta, 10.

- Yeah.

- Turning a rusted bolt into scissors.

- If only there was a place that sold scissors.

I, don't know where that place is.

- So, all right, you're in eighth grade.

You have to do a science project.

You need to cut some stuff up for your poster.

All Walmarts, closed, down.

It's like 9:00 PM or something like that.

Go to the junk yard, grab a rusted bolt.

Boom, do this.

- You think an eighth grader could do this? - I mean.

The eighth grader has to do this.

- Yeah.

- He's got a science project due.

- Wait, did we? Is.

This something- - Watch, watch.

You idiot.

He's doing magic.

- Oh, sorry.

- Couldn't even tell.

He cut the video.

- What's with all these rusty bolts? - Dear rusted bolts across the planet.

You are no longer safe., Dead, serious, rusty bolts, I'd find a new hiding spot.

I wonder how the machines that make these feel.

Like, are they proud of their work? - I think they just are machines and don't feel anything, right? - True.

- That's so crazy.

Imagine being able to do that., Wait, he's, not wearing gloves.

I'm sure he is probably good enough to where he doesn't have to.

But you should always wear gloves.

Just in case.

- The guy making this probably is like, "Shut, up, nerd." - Yeah.

He probably is.

- That sounds epic.

- That sounded like the intro to "Who Dat Boy" by Tyler, the Creator, no joke.

- Did all this come from that.

Rusty chain? It's, probably one of a kind.

One of the coolest things anyone's ever done.

- But it's, a fake, not only from a rusted chain.


This is gonna be the coolest lighter.

This is gonna be so like steam, punkish., All, right, let's, see it.

- Nice.

- That's a good lighter.

- Rusty coil spring forged into a knife.

- It's a kunai, not a knife.

- What's.

The difference? - A kunai is what they used in "Ninja Turtles." Michelangelo used a kunai.

- Gotcha.

- That is not correct.

- So they're, turning a rusty coil into Michelangelo.

That's, a kunai from "Naruto." Wait.

Your weapon lore was off.

- I don't.

Wanna upload this video anymore.

- Can.

We play two seconds of a fight scene from "Naruto"? - Now.

The channel doesn't make money.


I hope, you're, happy.


The most useless weapon in "Naruto." Everybody, always dodges it.

- I agree, I, don't think a single person ever died from a kunai.

- This is really good.


Think he made those scissors with a bolt? - Honestly, yes.

It's, the same guy.

- Look at that.


You've ever wanted to be in "Naruto,".

You just need a bolt.

- Agreed.

Turning, a steel bolt into a pocket sized, padlock?, Why, don't.

You just buy it from Walmart? - Why.

Would you spend $6 when you could just spend 26 hours of your time? - Fair point.

And also get 10 million plus views.

- No, it's to have a really good..

What? Are we making again? - A reaction? Video.


He gonna bend the thing? - Fire? - How that works? - Yeah.

- Oh, wow.

- It'd probably be just better to buy a lock from the store.

- Yeah, I, don't know, if I would trust my donkeys with that.

- Is.

It cool? Yes.

Practical as a lock? Probably not.

- We've seen watches swords, more swords.

- Yeah.

- Scissors.

- Yes.

- This thing.

- Of course.

- Now we're seeing a butterfly knife.

- Oh.

This is like that knife.

They make in "CS:GO", but IRL.

- Does that cut his hair? I'm, telling you, it's, a thing.

People who make knives.

Outta chains have arm hair.

- And, not only that, but really thick arm, hair.

- They do, like.

Do you see my arm? Hair?, YouTubers?, We, don't have arm hair.

- Oh, I thought that was wood.



How did it get to where there was a hole in it? I? Wanna see that process.

- Well, too bad., Oh.


These illegal? 'cause they're easy to conceal, and you can go wadadadada and look really cool before you stab somebody? - Yeah, but so are pocket knives.

- Yeah, but they don't want you to look cool before you stab somebody.

- Gotcha.

- 'cause then other people will wanna stab people.

- Gotcha.

So as long as the knife isn't, too cool, it's fine.

- Yeah.

- Good to know.


The hatchet.

You guys have seen a lot of rusted stuff turned into something cool.


Watch this.


The final product.

I'd saved.

You time.

Cut me off in the middle of my sentence.

Thank you so much for...

Forging A Katana From Rusted Chain! (2024)


How hard is it to forge a katana? ›

Using traditional means, it will take about a month to forge a katana. But modern ways have made the forging faster and easier. Using modern means, it will take about two weeks to form a katana. The process of forging is sometimes tedious, making it take a longer time to complete.

Is it illegal to own a dull katana? ›

North America (USA and Canada)

Some types of concealable swords, such as cane swords or Zatoichi style Katana are illegal to buy, own or carry in California and New York State.

Are fake katanas illegal? ›

Antique Katana. In Japan, martial artists and sword collectors only opt for real katanas as fakes are illegal and confiscated by the government.

How much does it cost to forge a katana? ›

An authentic Katana that is handmade in Japan is called nihonto. Often, these would usually cost around $12,000 to $25,000 and higher.

What is the hardest metal for katana? ›

The tungsten makes it resistant to abrasions and scratches compared to most types of steels. The L designates that it's a low alloy steel and is known as the toughest type of katana steel on the market.

What is the strongest metal for katana? ›

Nonetheless, due to its endurance and strength, high-carbon steel is widely regarded as the strongest metal for a sword.

Can a dull katana rust? ›

While high-quality, genuine traditional Japanese katanas are naturally resistant to rust, they can and will rust when not properly maintained.

Can you use a katana without a pinky? ›

The proper grip of a Japanese sword relies on a grip focused on the pinkie of the left hand. Today, I learned that the tradition of chopping the left pinkie as punishment for disgrace was based on this fact. Without a left pinkie, it's quite difficult to grip a Japanese sword.

Do real katanas bend? ›

Even a well-manufactured mono-steel blade or traditionally folded-steel model will bend or twist if your technique is off. Strangely enough, bending is the good news. A blade that bends is preferable to one that breaks, chips or cracks along its edge.

Can a katana pierce a skull? ›

Can a katana pierce through a human skull? The answer is yes. The katana is designed for slicing but the tip will thrust and therefore pierce.

What is a cursed katana? ›

The Muramasa is a Japanese Katana sword known as cursed and demonic. It is a real historical sword surrounded by terrifying legends and stories. In this article, we will go over its most visual and unique characteristics and compare it to the regular Katana.

How many days does it take to forge a katana? ›

The creation process of a real katana can take almost three months for a single sword. Even with weaker steel, the swordsmiths of ancient Japan were able to use this forging process to create a weapon worth its reputation.

How long does it take to forge a katana blade? ›

"It often takes a whole year to create a single sword, with roughly six months spent creating the blade itself, and another six months spent applying the finishing touches." The sword making process begins with workers refining the iron-rich sand into chunks of iron ore by firing it in the tatara.

What is the best katana ever forged? ›

The Honjo Masamune is often considered the greatest katana ever forged. Created by the legendary blacksmith Masamune in the 14th century, it was renowned for its unmatched sharpness, perfect balance and refined aesthetics.

What is the weakest katana? ›

Serpentbone Blade: The last of the katanas that can be upgraded with regular Smithing Stones is also arguably the weakest. The Serpentbone blade has a nice special attack, but it trades in Bleed for Poison, which puts it below almost all other choices on the list.

What is the weakest part of a katana? ›

On the other hand, the weakest part of the blade is called foible, from the Old French feble, which means feeble. It is located at the end of the sword blade, between the point and the middle. Generally, swordsmen utilized the forte on parrying against the foible of the opponent's blade.

Would tungsten make a good sword? ›

Not at all. The tungsten would not make a good blade because it is not very flexible or reliable. Tungsten could be used to create a sword's blade, but it would be too heavy and break too easily. Tungsten is also very hard to work and build with, making it even more difficult.

What weapon is better than a katana? ›

So, which is the better weapon: the katana or the longsword? The answer really depends on the situation. If you need a fast and agile weapon for cutting and slicing, the katana may be the better choice. However, if you need a weapon that is better suited for thrusting and parrying, the longsword may be the way to go.

Is the katana a weak weapon? ›

However, the katana also has some notable weaknesses as a weapon. One of the main limitations of the katana is its lack of versatility. The katana is primarily designed for cutting, and it is not as effective at thrusting or piercing as other types of swords.

Can katana cut through diamond? ›

At least one set of katana can be charged with an energy field through his suit, increasing their durability and increasing cutting power to the point that they can easily cut through objects as hard as diamond.

Can you hold a katana in your mouth? ›

Carrying your sword in your mouth when you fight is just about the worst thing you can possibly do for your teeth, considering the massive amount of force the blade would be transferring to your teeth and the jaw strain of having to keep a 1 kilogram sword steady,” Henderson said.

Is a katana sharp on both sides? ›

Kissaki-Moroha-Zukuri is a katana blade shape with a distinctive curved and double-edged blade. One edge of the blade is shaped in normal katana fashion while the tip is symmetrical and both edges of the blade are sharp.

What happens if you don't oil your katana? ›

The primary purpose of oiling a sword's blade is to protect it from rust and corrosion. Regardless of type, all swords are susceptible to rusting. This natural phenomenon occurs when oxygen molecules reach with the iron metals within a sword's blade, triggering oxidation and subsequently causing it to rust.

How long does a katana last? ›

How long can a katana last? A katana made of good, quality steel, when well cared for, could last centuries.

Can you shake blood off a katana? ›

Chiburui (血振るい), also called chiburi, is the process by which one symbolically removes blood from a sword blade. The term chiburui can thus be translated as "shaking off the blood". In the Japanese martial art of iaidō, this is done before nōtō or placing the blade back into the scabbard (known as saya).

What do you call someone who uses a katana? ›

Katana were mainly used by the samurai, the military nobility of feudal Japan (1185-1600) up through the Edo period (1603–1868). The increased popularity of the katana among samurai came about because of the changing nature of close-combat warfare.

Can you flick blood off a katana? ›

After the latest Director's cut patches, by flicking/rotating your controller downwards, Jin can now physically flick blood off his Katana and remove the blood.

Why are katanas holstered upside down? ›

It Protects the Blade's Edge

The katana's sharp edge rests against the dull edge of the scabbard. As a result, wearing the katana with the cutting edge up naturally protects it from damage, allowing for a razor-sharp edge.

Are real katanas heavy? ›

A typical katana has a blade length of around 60 cm (24 inches) and weighs between 900 and 1,200 grams (2-2.6 pounds). However, some katanas can be lighter or heavier than this range, depending on the thickness of the blade and the materials used in its construction.

Why are katanas folded so much? ›

The folding removes impurities and helps even out the carbon content, while the alternating layers combine hardness with ductility to greatly enhance the toughness. In traditional Japanese sword making, the low-carbon iron is folded several times by itself, to purify it.

Can a katana slice your arm off? ›

The answer is quite obvious for all the people who always claim that a katana can cut through anything. Luckily for them, a katana can cut off the arm (or head) of an opponent.

Can a sword cut through chain mail? ›

When the mail was not riveted, a thrust from most sharp weapons could penetrate it. However, when mail was riveted, only a strong well-placed thrust from certain spears, or thin or dedicated mail-piercing swords like the estoc, could penetrate, and a pollaxe or halberd blow could break through the armour.

Can you throw a katana like a spear? ›

Sword are not aerodynamic and are not designed for throwing. Especially like a spear. If you throw your sword, you no longer have a sword.

What god wields a katana? ›

Takemikazuchi (建御雷/武甕槌) is a deity in Japanese mythology, considered a god of thunder and a sword god.

What are fake katanas called? ›

Gansaku: The Fake Japanese Sword.

What is a Oni sword? ›

The favored blade of Hammerhead demon. Crude, slow and devastating. In-game description. Sword of Oni is a melee weapon appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.

How much does a real katana cost? ›

An authentic handmade katana in Japan is called a nihonto. Often these cost around 10,000 to $25,000 and sometime even more. Basically, Katanas are expensive, and when it comes to an authentic samurai Katana, things get even more expensive.

Are katanas folded 1000 times? ›

By folding only fourteen times, over 16,000 layers are produced. When the blade is finished, the jihada is visible in the ji, the surface between the edge and ridgeline.

What are the 3 samurai swords called? ›

SET OF 3- The katana (longest), wakizashi (mid-sized) and the tanto (shortest) swords conveniently comes with an easy to assemble wood stand that makes this set a work of art. These swords have become an iconic symbol of the Japanese Samurai tradition.

How many years does it take to master Katana? ›

Mastering the Katana sword isn't easy; as some sensei would say, it takes a lifetime because perfecting it is almost unachievable. You can learn to use the Katana by yourself, but it will take time and you can expect to be an expert in five to ten years with consistent training.

How much does it cost to forge your own sword? ›

If you plan to forge your own sword at home, you may need to build out a safe place to have a forge, anvil, and your other bladesmithing tools. The cost to build out your own smithy at home can range between $500 to $5,000, depending on the equipment and materials you choose to work with.

What steel is best for Katana? ›

Two popular types of spring steel are ideal for making a katana. These are 5160 and 9260 spring steel. 5160 spring steel contains 0.2% silicon, which gives the metal alloy its bend-resistant property. Apart from that, this spring steel designation is also known for displaying high resistance to corrosion.

What is the sharpest katana in history? ›

Honjo Masamune Katana: The Lost Masterpiece of Feudal Japan

Known for its unparalleled performance in battle, the Honjo Masamune is remembered as possibly the finest Japanese katana ever made. Its hardness and sharpness are said to be unmatched, making it the flagship sword of the legendary Masamune forge.

What is the strongest thing a katana can cut? ›

Human bone is the hardest substance that a Katana should cut through, by design.

How long does it take to forge a katana? ›

The creation process of a real katana can take almost three months for a single sword. Even with weaker steel, the swordsmiths of ancient Japan were able to use this forging process to create a weapon worth its reputation.

Can you forge your own katana? ›

The forging of a Japanese sword is an art that has developed over centuries. You can take part in a workshop where you'll learn from a veteran swordsmith how to craft your own blade—a 15-cm miniature version of a katana known as a kogatana.

How much does it cost to make a real katana? ›

$1000 – $4,000 = Usually a handmade custom sword with perfect balance and traits from the pommel to the scabbard or saya. Using real ray skin and handle wrap materials, real hamon, and kissaki steel blade traits results from a Katana sword-making process that can take months.

How many layers of steel are in a katana? ›

The steel of the blade is heated and folded and beaten -- over and over again -- until the blade's formed by 33,000 layers, forge-welded to one another. Each layer is a hundred thousandth of an inch thick.

How many times do you fold steel for a katana? ›

An experienced smith can control with great accuracy the quality of the steel in this way. Second, the folding produces the jihada, or patterns, for which these blades are so famous. Each time the block is hammered out and folded back, layers are formed. By folding only fourteen times, over 16,000 layers are produced.

Is T10 better than 1095? ›

The T10 is more expensive, but it flexes better than the 1095. If well maintained, a T10 sword will also keep the razor sharp edge immaculate for longer. For maintenance, you only need to hone the edge after using, and keep it stored properly to avoid rust issues.

How long should a real Katana be? ›

Katana (刀)
Blade lengthApprox. 60–80 cm (23.62–31.5 in)
Blade typeCurved, single-edged
Hilt typeTwo-handed swept, with circular or squared guard
Scabbard/sheathLacquered wood, some are covered with fish skin, decorated with brass and copper.
10 more rows

Are katanas forged straight? ›

He improved the forging method, and changed the design from straight to curve so the sword will be better at cutting, and less likely to break in battle. Nihonto was continue to evolve and become the world famous swords today. Now let's talk about the real reason that makes katana sword curved.

How much does a katana replica cost? ›

An average price is around 70-90万円, 700,000 yen. Roughly US$6,500-8,000 for a recently made piece.

Can you make a katana with Damascus steel? ›

Katana Forge Type San-Mai ($700+)

We more often use a T10 steel with a Damascus and Hamon steel. This assembly is more premium than 1060 + 1095 and offers a more interesting blade design.

Who is the best katana maker in the world? ›

YoshiHara yoshindo - master japanese swordsmith. Yoshindo Yoshihara is considered the foremost present-day swordsmith in terms of both popularity and skill - a true genius.

How much is a good katana worth? ›

An authentic handmade katana in Japan is called a nihonto. Often these cost around 10,000 to $25,000 and sometime even more. Basically, Katanas are expensive, and when it comes to an authentic samurai Katana, things get even more expensive.

Do people still make real katanas? ›

The long-bladed katana swords, famously used by Japan's samurai, are still produced today by licensed craftsmen using traditional techniques.


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