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Complete tiny house plans are hard to find, but finding tiny house plans free is even harder. But they are out there, and you can find them. If you’re trying to build your tiny house, but you’re on a tight budget, instead of forking over several hundred dollars for a plan, why not look at the free options first? You might just fall in love with a tiny house you didn’t know existed.

But who would want just to give away tiny house plans when they can make money from them?Are they even safe? Are there any legal issues to worry about? Where are these tiny house plans? And what exactly is a tiny house plan anyway?

What Are Tiny House Plans?

House plans, or blueprints, include all the in-depthinformation you’ll need to build a house. This information is essential for either a professionalbuilder or a savvy individual that can build it themselves. Tiny house plans aren’t easy to come across, though floor plans are splashed all across the internet. Finding tiny house plans free is even harder. Most people want you to purchase their plans. These blueprints can cost hundreds of dollars or even more,depending on the build and the people selling it. Thankfully there are a few people who are willing to pass theirbuilds along, for free. They’re not easy to find, but they do exist.

Do note that not a lot of these builds are professional. Some people just wing it, build their home, and document it along the way so someone can recreate what they did later. These folks may or may not be professional architects, and they may or may not know what they’re doing. So do your research, and before getting to work on your own build, have a professional look over your plans.

Why would someone give away tiny house plans free?

The Tiny House movement has a loyal following, and it’s picking up steam. People all over the country are minimizing their lives to maximize them in different ways. Everyone from singles who never went to college to retiringworkers are taking to the tiny house movement. Even families are building their own tiny homes. And a lot of folks are sharing their builds — pictures, stories, blueprints, and all.

These people are usually not professional builders, and they already have what they want out of a home. They built the home they live in full time, and they’re delighted about it. They want other people to feel that delight. So they give away free plans on the internet. These plans are very large files, so they may take time to download, but you do usually get to see the floor plan before you download them. That lets you get a feel for the house and allowsyou figure out if you’d be happy living in the space as described.

What Do You Get out of Free Tiny House Plans?

Tiny house plans that you commission and free tiny house plans generally have the same information. But not always, so be careful. A tiny house plan should come with in-depthdetails on measurements. These measurements will help you build every aspect of the house. It’ll also explain to you where you should leave holes for your windows and doors based on the design. It should also contain a materials list.

You will want to pay careful attention to these plans, and read through them completely before you get started. You won’t want to find out halfway through the building process that you don’t have everything you need. Once you have your supplies and have read the plans, you can go ahead and tackle the build. After you’ve gotten a permit of course.

These are a few of our favorite free tiny house plans.

The Homesteader cabin

This tiny cabin is only 12 by 24 feet. With the potential for multiple layouts, you can pick just how you want this home to flow. It happens to be one of the most popular tiny house plans offered by this owner. What’s evenmore incredible is the owner let go of the tiny house plans free of charge. It’s a great plan for one to two people, but can sleep three or more as needed and depending on the layout. These plans go in-depth enough so that you can build your home your way. It has a bathroom with a standing shower, at least one bedroom in the loft and so much more.

The Borealiswriters cottage

This cottage is even smaller than the homesteader cabin above at 12 by 12 feet. There’s a loft bedroom, a bathroom, and it even comes with a license to build. The only downside is that there isn’t a shower. But with all the other spaces and amenities, it’d be a great home. You also could probably alter the design a bit to put in the shower, if you were savvy enough to do so. There’s plenty of room for a desk, some books, and even a toaster oven or mini fridge if you really wanted to add them in. Don’t forget to get a permit for your new build though or you might run into legal issues.

The Ladder house

This tiny house has a total of 791 square feet, but it also has 2 floors. Each floor is under the 400-foot mark, so this is technically a tiny house. With two bedrooms and bathrooms and a basem*nt, this tiny house is great for two people or a small family. The best part about this house is that the owner gives away the tiny house plans free. Which makes it so much easier than buying any of the incredibly costly plans that you’ll run into in your searches.

The Hydrangeatiny house

This tiny house has three bedrooms:one on the lower level and two on the upper level. With the main floor being under 500 square feet it’s a delightful little home with high ceilings. There’seven a crawl space in the foundation for storage. This owner gave away this tiny house plans free, so you can use the build if you like it. And it is a delightful and luxurious build, especially for someone looking for a tiny home that can accommodate a family. It comes with a license to print and build, which is essentially the owner permitting you to download the plans.

The Forest Rose

This house is incredibly tiny. It has2 floors, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and still manages to come in under 450 square feet. It boasts a kitchen and a living room with a smooth, elegant design. And even has window boxes on the second floor if you want to plant flowers. It’s a great tiny home in such a limited space. There are two different entrances in this tiny house, to make going in and out just that much smoother. You should print it out on larger paper to see this plan a little better. Always get in touch with your zoning offices before starting on any tiny house.

Quartz tiny house

This owner is passing out these tiny house plans free of charge as well. This one, unlike the ones above, is on wheels, which will let you move it when you want to. You could also use this house to travel the country with. There’s even a video on their website giving you a complete tour. They talk about the modifications they made to the plans, derived from their own mistakes with their build. The plan is completely updated, with several sleeping spaces, a kitchen, and a loft. It is a dry build though, which means there’s little to no plumbing. The owners did put in an option for a regular build, though, so you can still adapt this lovely home into a permanent residence without a hitch — literally or figuratively.

The Tamarack tiny house

This tiny house is also on wheels, and the owner again gave away the tiny house plans free. You can tow it too, as long as you have a strong enough vehicle to move it about. Or if you have a plot of land, you can park it and just relax. It’s designed to handle Minnesota winters and has room for an HRV system to help you handle the moisture. There are even two lofts, one designed for sleeping and one for storage. These free plans have in-depth information off to the left, so you know exactly what you’re doing.

The 8 by 12 tiny house

This tiny house doesn’t have a cool name, but it is super small. With the plans being 20 pages long, this tiny house goes into immense detail, and they give out the tiny house plans free. Unfortunately, they don’t provide the basic floor plans to see what you’re getting into before you download the PDF. That is a little frustrating because you can’t see the flow of the plan or what it includes unless you download a massive file. Thankfully it is a free plan, it is quite tiny, and it has the potential to be amazing.

Legal Issues with Free House Plans

The first and biggest problem with trying to get a tiny house built, especially if it’s on a foundation, is that sometimes you can’t. Legally a lot of states have a minimum square footage requirement, which is far more than the 400 feet that a lot of tiny houses inhabit. Some states do permit you to build tiny houses. Unfortunately, there are lots of zoning and building rules about them that your free tiny house plan might not cover. Even if you put your tiny house on wheels, you could have issues, considering it would technically be an RV.

Most states don’t permit their residents to live in an RV full time. One possible solution is to register your tiny house as an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or ADU. A few states allow this, even to the point where people have opened up tiny house hotels. These hotels are tiny houses surrounding a large building, which would serve as the entrance. The long and short of it is that tiny houses are difficult to build legally. You have to follow strict guidelines and jump through hoops, even in states that allow them.

Collective Places to Download Tiny House Plans Free

There are tiny pockets all over the internet where you can get tiny house plans free. You don’t have to stumble around searching for them for days. Instead, you could hop over to one of the many sites that have already compiled lists of great free tiny house plans. These sites compile lists because they get the site traffic, and tiny houses are all over the place. They want to dole out great information for their readers, and their readers like tiny houses. Even if you never end up building a tiny house, these free plans are at least serious eye candy. Beautifully drawn and gracefully designed, it’s hard to believe someone gave away any tiny house plans free.

Caveat Emptor

With a lot of things, you get what you pay for. And if you’re downloading free blueprints, it pays to have a professional look over them to make sure they’re safe, legal, and doable. It also pays to know the laws of your area and to make sure you have all the necessary permits before building.

Is a Free Tiny House Plan for You?

Finding tiny house plans free isn’t easy. People know they can make a quick buck by selling their plans online. Thankfully some people aren’t fueled by the idea of a generous and constant income from selling their tiny house plans. It’s a large market with a lot of benefits in selling, but they’re more concerned about getting the ideas out there. They want to help people live their dreams.

Finding a tiny house plan free is possible, and building a tiny house for cheap is possible as well. There are lots of reasons to build a tiny house. Go ahead and tell us yours in the comments. Better yet, if you’ve built a tiny house from a free plan, leave a comment and let us know how it went!

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert and enthusiast, I can provide you with information on the concepts mentioned in this article. Let's dive into each concept:

What Are Tiny House Plans?

Tiny house plans, also known as blueprints, are detailed documents that provide all the necessary information to build a tiny house. These plans include measurements, floor plans, and instructions on where to place windows, doors, and other features. They also typically include a materials list. Tiny house plans are essential for both professional builders and individuals who want to build their own tiny homes.

Why would someone give away tiny house plans for free?

Some individuals who have already built their own tiny houses and are satisfied with their homes may choose to share their plans for free. They want to help others achieve their dream of living in a tiny house and experience the same joy they have found. These individuals are often not professional builders but have documented their own building process and are willing to share their plans with others.

What Do You Get out of Free Tiny House Plans?

Free tiny house plans generally provide the same information as commissioned plans. They include detailed measurements, floor plans, and materials lists. However, it's important to note that not all free plans are created equal. Some plans may be less detailed or may not have been created by professional architects. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly review the plans and, if possible, have a professional look over them before starting the building process.

Legal Issues with Free House Plans

When building a tiny house, there can be legal issues to consider. Some states have minimum square footage requirements that exceed the size of many tiny houses. Additionally, zoning and building regulations may vary, and it's important to ensure that your plans comply with local laws. Even if your tiny house is on wheels, it may still be subject to regulations, as it could be considered an RV. It's advisable to research and understand the laws and regulations in your area before starting your build.

Collective Places to Download Tiny House Plans Free

There are several websites and online communities where you can find and download free tiny house plans. These sites compile lists of free plans to make it easier for people interested in building tiny houses to find suitable options. These lists often include plans from various sources and provide a convenient way to explore different designs and ideas.

Remember, when downloading free plans, it's important to exercise caution and have a professional review them to ensure they are safe, legal, and feasible for your specific needs and location.

I hope this information helps you understand the concepts mentioned in the article. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

Tiny House Plans Free to Use and Easy to Build on a Budget | tinyhomelives.com (2024)


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